Rules & Regulation

Rules & Regulation

In the “Finding X India” event of a large number of registrations, participation, the chance to be considered for Auditions, successive auditions may be strictly on submission of the Audition Video through any of the participation Mechanisms on the first come first basis till closure of the Audition Closing hours. You acknowledge, agree and undertake to abide at all times by all the rules, regulations, terms and conditions for this Auditions as placed down herein and as determined from time to time by Organizer (the “Rules”). You agree and acknowledge that the Rules, may be changed at any time by Organizer including but not limited to cancelling or postponing the Auditions and/or the Program and/or introducing new / subsequent rounds / levels and/or changing the format of the Auditions and/or the Program and/or introducing wild card rounds of Auditions / successive rounds of Auditions and /or in the Program and / or otherwise and You will be bound by such altered / changed /new Rules/new terms and conditions.

You shall be responsible to make themselves aware about the changed/modified Rules/term and conditions and shall continue to be bound by the same and Organizer’s decisions shall be final in matters concerning the same. The organizer of Finding X India may at its decision provide a chance for entry to the Auditions for unregistered people. You will not raise any claim or argument due to such change and nor shall Organizer be liable to bring the same to your notice or attention. In case the Participant is selected for the successive audition/venue audition, then the Participant agrees to maintain the decorum of the Audition venue and fill the requisite audition form/application form as required by the Producer or Organizer and the terms and conditions contained herein and such additional audition form/application form shall govern the Participant’s participation in the successive rounds of audition and the Program (i selected).

 Further, the instructions of the Producer shall be obeyed to strictly. Any Applicant / Participant who acts in contravention to the instructions of Organizer / Producer or is found creating annoyance either to Organizer / Producer or the other Participants shall immediately be disqualified from participating in the successive audition/venue audition. You agree that only the final shortlisted Participants will be contacted directly by Organizer’s representatives for every successive round of audition and selection in the Program and Organizer / Producer shall not entertain any correspondence by any Participant/person/ party in this matter at any time.

In case of group participation, even if one of the Participants fails to comply with any of these terms and conditions and/or Rules, then Organizer / Producer may, at its sole discretion disqualify such group at any point of time, from further participation in the Audition successive rounds of audition / Program, without any liability to any member Participant within such group. Participants within a group shall not have any right to raise any claim/objection against Organizer / Producer’s decision to disqualify/reject the entry of such a group at any time.

The Participant shall obey with all the applicable laws of India and /or any other applicable laws, rules and regulations in relation to the Participant’s act/participation/performance in the Auditions and/or the Program and shall solely be responsible for the same at all times.

The Findingxindia Auditions and Registration Online is open, so If you have talent then send your talent video through the SMS or Email and fill the registration form by logging into the website Website.

If you have talent then participate now because Age doesn’t matter. Solo or group doesn’t matter. Social status doesn’t matter. All that matters is Talent. To the Register click on the ‘REGISTER’ button, after that, you will be displayed Registration form. Fill all information with uploading your talent video and Read the Terms & Conditions carefully.

Requirements of the Audition video

  1. Duration of the Audition video: Maximum 3 minutes.
  2. Size of the Audition Video: Maximum 50 MB.
  3. The number of times the Audition video can be uploaded: Multiple numbers of times before the Audition Period from any Registration Mechanisms.
  4. The Audition Video shall be an introduction about the Participant: (a) where you’re from; (b) your personality, your experiences.

Auditions Rules:

  • Carry registration Number
  • Age proof: Birth Certificate / Driving License / passport / Pancard / School Leaving Certificate.
  • Minor Should be announced by parent / Guardian.
  • Participants have to make their own travel & Loading arrangements.